Call on Your Own: Virtual Phone Banking! (Now: CA and OH)


Join Activate America as we reach out to infrequent voters ahead of the November 2024 General Election!

If you are comfortable phone banking and experienced using the Scale to Win automated dialing system, you can call voters on your own time, without joining shifts at a Zoom meeting. Click here if you would like to sign up to phone with a group

Campaigns currently available for critical races in the Senate —  Sen. Sherrod Brown in Ohio — and in the House — Will Rollins (CA-41), Dave Min (CA-47), and Derek Tran (CA-45)! Plus Ruben Gallego in AZ through 7/30.

Campaign State: California, Ohio
Action Type: Phoning


1. Sign Up on Mobilize

Use the Mobilize link here :

Click on the blue button to the right (“Click Here for Campaign Toolkits”) and you will receive a Confirmation Email from Activate America with a link to the Toolkits for our current campaigns.


2. Review the Tool Kit Information

They contain the Scale to Win Dialer link, instructions on how to use Scale to Win the scripts, FAQs, and hours you may make calls.


3. For Questions...


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