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You want to be laser focused on winning in 2022. You need to get started and use your time effectively, but how? Which of the many options will fit best with your skills, schedule and interests? Not sure where to begin, sign up for a coach today.  One of our “getting started” coaches is happy to guide you to activities that best suit your interests and constraints.

Looking for more targeted guidance for a specific topic?  We have experts to help you with the following actions:

  • Postcards: Which program is right for you and what’s involved? Do you want to work with an established group, write on your own or organize a group of friends?
  • Texting: Where, when and how?
  • Phone calls: Ready to jump into phone banking, but need a pep talk and a little guidance?
  • Social media: Want to know how social media can make a difference?
  • Leadership: Need ideas to make your group more effective?
  • Donations: Want to know how your donation will have the most impact?
  • Action-Hour: Looking to bring friends and family to a fun-filled hour while they each contribute in their own way?

Sign up for a virtual Action Coach with Together We Elect. Through email or a virtual meeting, the coach will provide personalized guidance for you. We have broad knowledge of volunteer options and a vast network of resources. Let us help you get started!


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Coordinator: Gari Palmer

Together We Elect Targeted Action Coaches

1. Postcarding






Postcards are an easy and effective way to convey key messages to Democrats. Your coach can help you figure out:

  • Which postcard program is right for you
  • How to organize a postcard-writing group
  • Recruiting people to write with you
  • Finding a local postcard group

2. Social Media



Seventy percent of adults use social media. Both Facebook and Instagram are increasingly effective in bringing people directly to actions and events. Without geographical boundaries, you can influence your friends who influence their friends and so on down the line. Your coach can help you:

  • Learn more about ways to be an influencer
  • Find out which type of posts to share and which Facebook groups to join to share posts
  • Discover a one-time simple Instagram action to help spread the word

3. Phoning



Phone calls are among the most effective ways to connect with voters. Phone banking today is much easier now than ever before and is used to understand voters’ candidate preferences, to encourage voters to sign up to vote by mail and to make sure they have the information they need to vote. If you’re hesitant, you’re not the only one – and that’s why we’re providing this excellent video to inspire you. Your coach can help you:

  • Determine which phone banking program is right for you
  • Motivate people to call with you
  • Join a regular group to keep you going

4. Texting



Texting is an easy and effective way to connect with voters and convey key messages with Democrats in swing states. You can reach hundreds of voters in an hour while ensuring your privacy. Your coach can help you:

  • Identify which texting program is right for you
  • Find a texting group to join
  • Attend a friendly texting group for a model for how you can grow your own texting team

5. Effective Donations



Figuring out where your donation will make the biggest impact can be difficult. Your coach can help you:

  • Decide on a candidate or cause that you hold dear
  • Identify where you can get the most bang for your buck based on data with only a little emotion
  • Encourage your family and friends to invest with you for our democracy

6. Team-Building


As experienced team-builders, we can share principles for strengthening existing groups to take you and your team to the next level. Your coach can help you:

  • Motivate your team as we head to the finish line in 2022
  • Build your team with new and different talent
  • Make sure that your team is laser focused on the most effective strategies

7. Action-Hours



Many grassroots organizations run successful virtual action hours where volunteers take part in activism, including texting, postcard writing, and phone banking. Your coach can help you:

  • Start up an action hour with your family, friends and network
  • Learn more about setup, logistics, and best practices
  • Give your volunteers multiple options to participate during your action hour
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