Easy Fundraising with Force Multiplier!


Mobilize your network to fundraise with Force Multiplier (FM) for Frontline House freshmen, Red to Blue House challengers, flippable Senate races, and tax-deductible voter empowerment groups in 6 presidential battleground states. FM does continuous research to find the races where donations will have impact. FM is an all-volunteer grassroots organization. 100% of funds raised are collected and disbursed to campaigns by ActBlue. Fundraise by e-mail and give your friends and family the opportunity to invest in turning the country BLUE! Here’s how you can help Democrats raise critically need financial resources:

Campaign State: National/Multi-State
Action Type: Fundraisers
Coordinator: Dale Smith Julie Gordon

1. Sign up for Force Multiplier Events and Donate

Sign up to attend ( virtually until otherwise possible) our fundraising events and hear from the Candidates about what is going on in Washington.

Explore our chosen candidates for House, Senate and our Voter Empowerment Fund

Click here for the entire Force Multiplier Website



2. Prepare to become a Multiplier !

Multipliers are people or groups that sign up to spread the word further among their network.

For Individuals interested in becoming a multiplier, make a list of like-minded friends, relatives and neighbors who might be interested in attending our on-line events or making a donation. Multipliers are sent weekly emails with the latest events or fundraising requests that they then forward to their network with a personalized note. It is a lovely way to connect with friends and family who are looking for ways to help.

Activist groups are welcome to become Super Multipliers using their own mailing lists. In that case we will be able to let you know how much your efforts have raised for each event or slate of candidates.


3. Learn more and sign up to become a Multiplier!

To find out more about becoming a multiplier contact Laura Weisel at weisellaura@gmail.com.   No obligation of course, talk to Laura to find out if becoming a Multiplier is right for you!

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