WI Postcarding with Blue Wave


July 24th is the deadline to register to Vote by Mail (VBM) before the August 13th primaries. When citizens are registered to VBM, they are FAR more likely to vote.

Governor Tony Evers (D) has been the bulwark against truly egregious bills proposed by a gerrymandered Republican legislature. He recently signed new, fairly drawn district maps into law for the 2024 elections.

It’s critical that we register more voters whose voices have been silenced for over a decade due to the previous, gerrymandered maps. There’s a very real chance of making the state legislature more reflective of the citizens of Wisconsin, plus hold the US Senate, the WH and more!

But Wisconsin’s previously marginalized citizens must be registered and VOTE. BlueWave’s postcard kits make it EASY!

Campaign State: Wisconsin
Action Type: Postcards/Mailing


1. Order Your Postcard Kit

Use This Link to order your kits.

Use code “HiVOLBLUE!” for 15% off of your first postcard kit order (doesn’t apply to stamps, which sell at cost)

The kits contain preprinted postcards, QR code w/voter registration info, self-stick address labels, instructions, and stamps (optional)!


2. Add One Line of Text

All you need add is a one line, hand-written message. Most writers can complete 100 cards in an hour or two.


3. Send the postcards Within 10 Days

Please complete and mail these postcards within 10 days of receiving them.


4. Write more, worry less

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