Write Postcards to Key States!


The Union is partnering with Progressive Turnout Project to help mobilize voters in crucial states, and we need your help to write personalized postcards to voters.

On average, handwritten postcards are three times more effective than conventional “Get Out the Vote” mailings. The scripted messages provided by Progressive Turnout Project have been tested and shown to be effective at boosting voting turnout by 1.3%.

By helping Progressive Turnout Project meet its goal of sending 26M postcards during this election season, you can make a decisive difference in critical swing states. (This effort is part of a 2-mail pass, meaning that each recipient will receive at least two reminder postcards.)

Many voters will never receive a door knock, phone call, or text, so sending postcards is essential to voter outreach efforts because they may be the only reminder some voters receive.

Do it yourself , or invite a few people for associal postcard together fun time.


1. Pick a State and Number for postcards

All you need to do is provide your contact information HERE , and then you’ll have the opportunity to pick a State and indicate how many postcards you want to write.


2. Receive the Free Postcards

Progressive Turnout Project will send you postcards along with addresses and a script.


3. Add your Handwritten Touch

You are then asked to add a short (handwritten) note to each postcard, address them.


4. Mail in October

Add postage (at your own expense), and drop them in the mail in October on the instructed date you will receive.

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