Write Postcards to Register Voters – Anytime, Anywhere


Let’s register Democrats in key districts and states to win up and down the ballot in 2024. Field Team 6 is the premier organization for registering Democrats.

Voter registration campaigns target voters in key districts based on needs in each district and the availability of names and addresses of unregistered voters. The list of possible postcard campaigns from Field Team 6 will change over time and will target Democrat leaning voters with messaging specific to the target demographic.


Use the power of your personalized, handwritten postcards to register Democrats in swing states with Field Team 6!

Please mail these postcards as you complete them.


1. Create a Field Team 6 account

If you don’t already have a Field Team 6 account, enter your email and a password here.


2. Fill out the form to request voter addresses

Select the campaign you want to send postcards for here. Select how many addresses you want. Download the bundle of names, addresses and the associated script.


3. Get postcards and stamps

Purchase postcards and stamps on your own. Field Team 6 provides some postcard and postcard stamp purchasing options here.


4. Write and Mail Postcards.

Mail your postcards as you complete them. The sooner voters register, the better.

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