Dan Kildee

Dan Kildee

Congressman Dan Kildee fights to ensure every Michigander has access to a good-paying job, quality health care, and clean water.

Although MI-08 got slightly more competitive after redistricting, it retains key Democratic-leaning populations in Flint and Saginaw. Michigan’s newly reconfigured 8th congressional district has supported Democrats in every House, Senate, and presidential election since 2014 but is now rated a tossup.

Congressman Dan Kildee – a Flint native – is proud to represent mid-Michigan in Congress. Dan is fighting hard to ensure every Michigander has access to a good-paying job, quality health care, and clean water. Kildee knows what can be accomplished when we set aside partisanship—because his record proves that he’ll work hard, and is willing to work with anyone, to get things done.

His opponent, Paul Junge, lost his last race in 2020  to Elissa Slotkin and now is carpetbagging into the 8th.  Let’s assume he meets the same fate this year!


Rep. Dan Kildee was born in Flint, Michigan. He attended the University of Michigan-Flint but dropped out before getting his degree. He later returned to college and earned his B.S. in 2007. His first elected office was as the Genesee County Commissioner and then county treasurer. He later co-founded the Center for Community Progress, a nonprofit that seeks to recommend policies to local cities and towns throughout the country.

To respond to the pandemic, Rep. Kildee helped pass a relief bill putting stimulus checks in workers’ pockets, accelerating vaccine distribution, reopening our schools safely so kids could be in the classroom, and supporting small businesses that needed help. To fix our roads, Rep. Kildee brought Republicans and Democrats together to pass the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, bringing home billions of dollars to rebuild Michigan roads, repair bridges, remove lead pipes, and expand high-speed broadband internet access for all mid-Michigan families. To protect our Great Lakes and ensure clean water, Kildee successfully fought to fully invest in the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative to stop invasive species like Asian carp. And he’s led the fight in Congress to ensure clean, affordable, and safe drinking water for all by cleaning up the lead and dangerous PFAS chemicals.


Representative Kildee voted for the recent bipartisan gun bill and said, “We can choose to act to pass common-sense e-gun laws to make it harder for bad people to get a deadly weapon, including universal background checks, limiting high-capacity magazines, and closing the gun show loophole. No one law may stop every bad person with a gun, but we have to act and stop the madness. Thoughts and prayers are not enough.”

Kildee voted for the Women’s Health Protection Act designed to codify Roe. He believes that health care decisions should be made between a woman and her doctor—not politicians or judges. 

Rep. Kildee believes that we have a moral responsibility to recognize that climate change is real and requires urgent action to ensure we leave a better world for our children. He also believes that addressing climate change is good for the economy and has said that “investing in building electric vehicles, wind turbines, and solar panels creates jobs in mid-Michigan.”



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