Sean Patrick Maloney

Sean Patrick Maloney

Rep. Maloney is a champion for our planet, fighting to combat climate change and to protect the local environment in the Hudson Valley.

When the New York districts were finalized, Sean Patrick Maloney’s district was split between 17th and 18th congressional districts, and his home was drawn into the 17th.  He chose to run in the new map’s 17th. In any case, as drawn, the 17th takes in about one-third of deep blue Westchester County, while it includes all or parts of three other more marginal counties. In 2020, it would have given Biden a solid but not overwhelming 54%-44% margin; it is rated Lean Democratic.

Rep. Maloney’s challenger in November is Mike Lawler, one of Kevin McCarthy’s “young guns” who comes from the New York Assembly.


The youngest of six, Sean Patrick Maloney grew up in a middle-class Irish-Catholic family. Maloney’s father, a disabled veteran, and his mother started a small business and managed to put Maloney and his brothers through college. 

After graduating college, Maloney served as a senior adviser to President Bill Clinton as part of the team that balanced the budget, paid down the debt, and created more than 800,000 jobs in New York. When Maloney left the White House, he built his own business from scratch. His company created hundreds of well-paying, New York jobs. He then served as a senior adviser to two New York governors, focusing on education and infrastructure.

Maloney was elected to represent the Hudson Valley in 2012, defeating Tea Party Congresswoman Nan Hayworth. Maloney and his husband, Randy Florke, have three children together: Jesus, Daley, and Essie. He currently lives in Cold Spring, New York.


Rep. Maloney is a champion for our planet, fighting to combat climate change and protect the local environment in the Hudson Valley. He is an original co-sponsor of the Green New Deal and supports investing in renewable energy sources. He single-handedly banned big oil companies from parking their oil barges along the Hudson River

An uncompromising advocate for women’s rights, Maloney helped pass legislation through the U.S. House to guarantee abortion access nationwide. He is endorsed by Planned Parenthood. 

Just this June, Maloney helped pass the first major gun safety legislation in the last 30 years, the Safer Communities Act, which strengthens background checks and invests in mental health services. Rep. Maloney has also voted for and supports universal background checks, banning assault weapons, banning high-capacity magazines, and raising the age to buy semi-automatic weapons.