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The results of this mid-term election may determine whether women continue to have body autonomy, whether we make progress in combating climate change, whether we improve access to affordable healthcare, and, most importantly, whether we pass legislation to protect our institutions of democracy. The stakes can’t be higher and we are so glad you are here to take part in this essential effort.  

Not sure where to begin? That’s where we come in. Sign up for a session with one of our super-friendly action coaches. You’ll get a link to a zoom session with a coach (yes, a live person!) who will explain available activities and actions that you can do that can make a true difference. She will work with you to pick activities that best fit your skills, interests and schedule. You can rest assured that the Together We Elect analysts have identified the top swing races in the country which will be ones that determine whether Democrats hold Congress. We identify top actions that you can participate in and we are constantly adding new actions as they become available.  

It’s effective and it’s fun. Come join our community of citizens who want to build a better America for everyone. You’ll feel so much better. 

Sign up for an action coach session below, or check out one of our “Take Action” pages to get a taste of the offerings. We can’t wait to work with you.

Pick an Activity

Choose the activity that is right for you - Texting, Phoning, Canvassing, etc.

Pick a State

Select from our list of states holding the most crucial races in the House and Senate.

Learn from a Coach

Not sure where to start? Set up a meeting with a coach. They will discuss the options with you and help you get started.