Eugene Vindman

Virginia, Congress (VA-07)


Eugene Vindman won the crowded 7th Congressional district Democratic primary by a substantial margin. He received of the votes in the seven-candidate race. He is best known to the public as one who blew the whistle on then-President Donald J. Trump’s. attempts to extort the Ukrainian president.

Vindman and his twin brother Alex were born in Soviet Ukraine to a Jewish family during the height of the Cold War. When he was three, his mother died of cancer and his father fled from the bigoted, authoritarian regime with Eugene Alex, their older brother Len, and their grandmother. The Vindmans arrived in New York in 1979, and the boys graduated FDR High School in Brooklyn. Eugene Vindman attended SUNY Binghamton and enrolled in the Reserve Officers' Training Corps at Cornell, where he met his wife, Cindy, who became a molecular geneticist.

Eugene Vindman served in the U.S. Army as a paratrooper and infantry officer. He earned a law degree from the University of Georgia School of Law. In 2016, Eugene was assigned to the Pentagon, and he and Cindy settled in Dale City, Virginia. Later, he joined the National Security Council (NSC) as a legal advisor focused on international partnerships, human rights, and ethics, and eventually became the NSC’s senior ethics Official in the White House.

Prior to running for the Democratic nominee for Congress, Vindman had no prior political experience. However, his campaign’s focus of saving democracy resonated with voters.

On the Issues

Abortion Rights: “In Congress, I will stand up to MAGA Republicans and protect a woman’s right to an abortion.”

Democracy: “Whether it’s Donald Trump using the office of the presidency for political retaliation or Vladimir Putin’s illegal war that he’s waging in Ukraine, I will always stand for the people and stand for Democracy.”

Gun Safety: “As a Veteran, I learned to use, and respect my weapon – that is why I know weapons of war have no place on our streets.”

LGBQT Rights: “I am committed to ensuring that all Americans are treated with dignity and respect.”

Events and Actions