Contest Every Race

by Movement Labs

The 2022 Mid-term Elections are here, with thousands of seats up in state legislature, county-level offices, city councils, and school boards across the nation.

It’s time to take the fight to the Republicans, and hit them where they’re soft: the rural, local races that form the base of their power pyramid, where — amazingly — Democrats usually don’t even field a candidate, so the GOP wins in a walk.

Since 2018, we have stepped up to stop this. Driven by you, our volunteers, we’ve identified 80,000 of these races, reached out to 5 million people, and had text conversations with 167,000 about running. 4,000 have filed, nearly half of these are winning, sending the GOP home to lick their wounds.  Research Team volunteers work together to build a unique database of uncontested down-ballot races that allows us to begin recruiting candidates. They do so via online research at their own pace as well as making phone calls to local elections clerks with support from our staff.

Sign up for a session with one of our actions coaches below and they will walk you through how to help our Research Team identify the seats up for grabs, untangle the candidate filing process, and track our wins. You’ll be invited to an upcoming onboarding session and connected with a state research project that needs your help.

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