Take Action Michigan

Senate (Open - Stabinow), MI-07 (Open), MI-08 (Open), MI-10 (Flip)

Michigan has one U.S. Senate and three House races of note. The Senate race is worth our attention as incumbent Democratic Debbie Stabenow, in office since 2000, is not seeking a fifth term. Several candidates have emerged, including Elissa Slotkin, who currently serves in Michigan’s 7th Congressional District.

Races in the U.S. House include MI-07, open because of Slotkin’s decision to run for Senate; MI-08 which is open due to incumbent Democrat Dan Kildee’s retirement; and MI-10, where Democrats hope to flip the seat now held by a Republican.
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StateDistrictIncumbentParty in PowerPartisan LeanCook RatingPrimary DateNew Primary Date
AlaskaAK-00Mary PeltolaDR+8Lean D20-Aug
ArizonaAZ-01David SchweikertRR+2Tossup30-Jul
ArizonaAZ-06Juan CiscomaniRR+3Tossup30-Jul
CaliforniaCA-13John DuarteRD+4Tossup05-Mar
CaliforniaCA-22David ValadaoRD+5Tossup05-Mar
CaliforniaCA-27Mike GarciaRD+4Tossup05-Mar
CaliforniaCA-41Ken CalvertRR+3Tossup05-Mar
CaliforniaCA-45Michelle SteelRD+2Lean R05-Mar
CaliforniaCA-47Open (Porter)DD+3Lean D05-Mar
ColoradoCO-03Lauren BoebertRR+7Tossup25-Jun
ColoradoCO-08Yadira CaraveoDEVENTossup25-Jun
ConnecticutCT-05Jahana HayesDD+3Lean D13-Aug
FloridaFL-05John RutherfordRR+11*Tossup20-Aug
IllinoisIL-17Eric SorensenDD+2Lean D19-Mar
IndianaIN-01Frank J. MrvanDD+3Lean D7-May
IowaIA-03Zach NunnRR+3Lean R4-Jun
LouisianaLA-05Julia LetlowRR+17Tossup5-Nov
MaineME-02Jared GoldenDR+6Tossup18-Jun
MichiganMI-07Open (Slotkin)DR+2Tossup6-Aug
MichiganMI-10John JamesRR+3Lean R6-Aug
NebraskaNE-02Don BaconREVENLean R14-May
NevadaNV-03Susie LeeDD+1Lean D11-Jun
New JerseyNJ-07Thomas Kean Jr.RR+1Tossup4-Jun
New MexicoNM-02Gabe VasquezDD+1Tossup04-Jun
New YorkNY-03OPEN -- (Santos)RD+2Lean D25-Jun
New YorkNY-04Anthony D'EspositoRD+5Tossup25-Jun
New YorkNY-17Mike LawlerRD+3Tossup25-Jun
New YorkNY-18Pat RyanDD+1Lean D25-Jun
New YorkNY-19Marc MolinaroREVENTossup25-Jun
New YorkNY-22Brandon WilliamsRD+1Tossup25-Jun
North CarolinaNC-01Don DavisDD+2Lean D05-Mar
North CarolinaNC-06Kathy ManningDD+4Tossup05-Mar
North CarolinaNC-13Wiley NickelDR+2Tossup05-Mar
North CarolinaNC-14Jeff JacksonDD+6Tossup17-May
OhioOH-01Greg LandsmanDD+2Lean D19-Mar
OhioOH-13Emilia SykesDR+1Tossup19-Mar
OregonOR-05Lori Chavez-DeRemerRD+2Tossup21-May
PennsylvaniaPA-07Susan WildDR+2Tossup23-Apr
PennsylvaniaPA-08Matt CartwrightDR+4Tossup23-Apr
VirginiaVA-07Open (Abigail Spanberger)DD+1Lean D18-Jun
VirginiaVA-02Jen KiggansRR+2Lean R18-Jun
WashingtonWA-03Marie Gluesenkamp PerezDR+5Tossup8/6/2024
WisconsinWI-03Derrick Van OrdenRR+4Lean R06-Aug
MichiganMI-08Open (Kildee)DR+1Lean D06-AugAug-06

Coming off historic losses in 2022, the Michigan Republican State Party is in dire financial straits, and the infighting has been fierce. A report issued by a GOP activist says most party bank accounts are empty. This chaos and lack of capital likely will provide a boon for the state’s Democrats.

The House races:

  • MI-07: Both parties are eyeing the open seat in MI-07, a district of growing diversity. The outcome of the election likely will hinge on voter turnout. It is rated a Tossup.
  • M-08: Redistricting made MI-08 more red, but incumbent Kildee won by 10 points in 2022, good news for whoever wins the Democratic primary in August. The district is rated Lean D.
  • MI-10: A suburban district north of Detroit, MI-10 is eminently flippable. It is rated Lean R, but the current Republican incumbent, who had a great financial advantage, won by only 1,600 votes in 2022.