Call on Your Own: Arizona Phone Bank for Ruben Gallego!


If you are comfortable phone banking and experienced using the Scale to Win automated dialing system, you can call voters on your own time, without joining shifts at a Zoom meeting. Click here if you would like to sign up to phone with a group

Help us call voters and help them sign up for the Active Early Voting List (AEVL) ahead of the July 30th primary and November 5th general elctions! Voters on the AEVL get their ballots mailed to them before the elections, so they don’t have to sign up later or worry about making plans to vote in person.

This November, the Arizona Senate race will surely be a close one. We need to put in the work early to ensure Democrats are ready to turn out in support of Ruben Gallego this year!

Campaign State: Arizona
Action Type: Phoning
Coordinator: Diane Sherlock
Sponsor: Activate America

1. Sign Up to Call

SIGN UP HERE. Click on the blue button to the right (“Click Here for Campaign Toolkits”).


2. Receive The Toolkit

you will receive a Confirmation Email from Activate America with a link to the Toolkits for our current campaigns. They contain the Scale to Win Dialer link, instructions on how to use Scale to Win the scripts, FAQs, and hours you may make calls.


3. Call Call Call!


4. For questions....

…please contact

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