Postcard to Montana to Re-elect Sen. Tester


With Senator Jon Tester running for reelection and the majority in the Senate hanging by a thread, the stakes are high for the Montana elections in November. Every seat counts and we believe we’re in a great position to both fortify the blue movement in Montana and activate people to protect Jon Tester’s Senate seat.

We are working closely with local experts in Montana to ensure we are getting the right message to the right voters at the right time. For this campaign, we are writing to Democratic leaning voters aged 18-35 asking them to vote in the June 4 primary and support Senator Tester.

If we can inspire folks to participate in the primary, they nearly always vote again in November, and a strong showing in the primary strengthens our candidates and builds momentum.

Please join us! Sign up for postcard lists today.

Please mail postcards as you complete them and by May 25 at the latest.

Campaign State: Montana
Action Type: Postcards/Mailing

Sponsor: Activate America

1. Fill out the form to request voter addresses

Access the form through this link.  

Check off Montana for the Postcards option.

Specify how many names and addresses you want us to get.


2. Get postcards and stamps

Purchase them on your own.


3. Receive address list from Activate America

The list of voters and their addresses to use for the postcards will come via email.


4. Write and Mail Postcards by May 26, 2024.

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