Postcards for Ohio: Voting By Mail


Reach out to infrequent Democratic voters in Ohio!

Reach out to infrequent Democratic voters in Ohio! Let them know they need to sign up to Vote By Mail for every election and make sure folks know how to sign up. Contacting low information voters between the primary and the general election with an action they can take now helps with voter engagement and attention. And signing up early for the November election can help increase voter turnout if weather, schedules or other challenges arise.

Mail postcards as you complete them and by May 31 at the latest.

Campaign State: Ohio
Action Type: Postcards/Mailing

Sponsor: Activate America

1. Fill out the form to request voter addresses

Access the form through this link.

Check off Ohio for the Postcards option.

Specify how many names and addresses you want us to get.


2. Get postcards and stamps

Purchase them on your own.


3. Receive address list from Activate America

The list of voters and their addresses to use for the postcards will come via email.


4. Write and Mail Postcards by May 31, 2024.

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