Postcards: Take back the House starting in New York!


Let’s re-elect Democrat Pat Ryan in New York’s 18th Congressional District and oust MAGA Republican Congressman Molinaro from New York’s 19th Congressional District.


In NY’s 18th, Democrat Rep. Pat Ryan is a West Point graduate and veteran who is fighting for working families. Write to voters aged 18-39 about Ryan’s work with unions and support for paid family leave. And write to voters aged 40 and over about his commitment to public safety and common sense gun safety.

In NY’s 19th Congressional district, Republican Rep. Marc Molinaro’s reckless public safety record includes voting against prohibiting domestic abusers from possessing firearms. Write to voters 40 years old and older about his lack of commitment to public safety. And write to voters aged 18-39 highlighting Molinaro’s preference for helping billionaires get tax cuts rather than helping working families.

Please mail these postcards as you complete them and by May 30 at the latest.

Campaign State: New York
Action Type: Postcards/Mailing

Sponsor: Activate America

1. Fill out the form to request voter addresses

Access the form through this link.

Check off one or more of the NY options .

Specify how many names and addresses you want us to get.


2. Get postcards and stamps

Purchase them on your own.


3. Receive address list from Activate America

The list of voters and their addresses to use for the postcards will come via email.


4. Write and Mail Postcards by May 30, 2024.

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