Text (as you pay) to Register New Democrats


The problem? Field Team 6 has contact information for hundreds of thousands of unregistered likely Democrats – FAR more than we can afford to text. Yet texting is an incredibly effective outreach tool. And there is always huge volunteer demand for texting. So the only obstacle is funding.

The solution? Text Arcades.

A Text Arcade is a super-fast text bank that costs $25 a ticket. 100% of your ticket price goes to funding your 1,400 texts. (To put this in perspective, it costs a volunteer $1,300 to send 1,400 postcards!) We pay for about half of those texts in order to keep the ticket price reasonable, so shout-outs (shouts-out?) to our donors who enable us to do that!

Campaign State: National/Multi-State
Action Type: Texting

Sponsor: Field Team 6

1. Step TitlePay $25.00 for your 1400 texts

Use this Link to pay for the current text bank options

Pay $25.00 for your 1400 texts


2. Sign Up with TextBank

IMPORTANT NOTE: We switched texting software in late 2023 – so if you haven’t done this already, before the text arcade, we need you to click on this link and create a NEW TextOut ID, so you can sign in on the day of the text bank: 



3. Text Away when Texting is Open

NOTE: Our target state may change any given week, depending on how many names we get through, how many are available, and last minute targeting priorities. Thank you for rolling with this!

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