Write to voters in AZ and NY on Gun Safety!


Arizona: Support Ruben Gallego for Senate

Democrat Ruben Gallego is a champion for reasonable gun safety and the only Democrat running for the Arizona Senate seat currently held by Kyrsten Sinema. We are writing to infrequent Democratic voters to raise name awareness for Gallego and highlight his work on this crucial issue.

New York: Gun Safety

We are focusing our gun safety postcard campaigns in New York on Republican Congressmen who refuse to support common sense gun safety laws – including Marc Molinaro (NY-19) and Brandon Williams (NY-22). And congratulations on writing to everyone on our list for George Santos (NY-03) – more soon!

Campaign State: Arizona, New York
Action Type: Postcards/Mailing


1. Fill out the form to request voter addresses

Fill out the form.


2. Get postcards and stamps

Purchase them on your own.


3. Receive address list from Activate America

The list of voters and their addresses to use for the postcards will come via email.


4. Write and Mail Postcards within 3 weeks of receiving the materials.

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