Bob Casey

Pennsylvania, Senate


Bob Casey has represented Pennsylvania in the United States Senate since 2007. The son of a former Pennsylvania governor, Casey was born and raised in the city of Scranton. He attended Holy Cross College and the University of Pittsburgh law school before embarking on a career in state politics, serving as Pennsylvania's Auditor General and Treasurer.

Casey is the longest-serving Democratic U.S. senator in Pennsylvania history and has carved out a reputation as a moderate Democrat willing to break with his party at times. He was an early critic of the Iraq War and has been outspoken in his defense of reproductive rights, even when that has put him at odds with more conservative members of his party

On the Issues

Casey has used his Senate tenure to advocate for Pennsylvania's manufacturing sector, pushing for policies to protect union jobs and support workforce retraining programs. He has also co-sponsored bipartisan healthcare legislation, including measures to stabilize the Affordable Care Act's insurance marketplaces. Central to his reelection campaign is his attacks on “greedflation” – corporations that jack up prices and rip off shoppers to maximize profits.

While not known for being a partisan firebrand, Casey has demonstrated a commitment to tackling issues important to working families in Pennsylvania. He is currently serving his fourth term in the Senate.

Events and Actions