Chris Deluzio

Deluzio knows we need bold and swift action to make western Pennsylvania communities resilient.

Pennsylvania has always been a tough state for Democrats, especially Western Pennsylvania.  However, this year the story is a bit different. Redistricting took PA-17 from R+2 to Even, and Democrats have fielded as their candidate U.S. Navy veteran ChrisDeluzio, who heads the University of Pittsburgh cyber policy.

A veteran and voting rights attorney, Deluzio has the record western Pennsylvania can be proud of. An election security expert, Deluzio will fight against voter suppression efforts from Republicans and defend our right to vote. His north star is fighting for western PA, for better jobs, greater opportunity, and defending union, worker, and women’s rights.

His opponent, Jeremy Shaffer, is a MAGA wolf pretending to be a moderate sheep. In Congress, Shaffer would provide a vote for a radical Republican party intent on stripping away health care protections, abortion rights, and attacking our sacred institutions to force their far-right agenda on the American people.


Deluzio is a Pittsburgh-area native, Iraq War Veteran, and voting rights attorney. After graduating from the U.S. Naval Academy, Deluzio served as an officer in the Navy and deployed overseas multiple times. 

After returning from Iraq, Deluzio received his law degree magna cum laude from Georgetown Law and clerked for a federal judge. Deluzio went on to work at the Brennan Center for Justice on the Voting Rights and Election Security teams. In his latest job with Pitt Cyber, he has focused on voting rights, election security, and the intersection of technology and civil rights. 

Deluzio was part of the Pitt Faculty Organizing Committee with the United Steelworkers, fighting successfully for a union. Deluzio’s volunteer efforts have included work with the Veterans Leadership Program of Western Pennsylvania, pro bono legal assistance with the Veterans Consortium and for indigent tenants in Allegheny County, and service as a Naval Academy Blue and Gold Officer (mentoring and interviewing applicants to the Academy).


Deluzio believes in the simple idea that women deserve to control their own bodies and reproductive choices: a basic human right.  He will fight hard in Washington to pass the Women’s Health Protection Act (which would protect abortion rights under federal law) and to oppose right-wing efforts in the states to eliminate abortion rights

Deluzio knows we need bold and swift action to make western Pennsylvania communities resilient to the effects of climate change and to secure our children’s future on earth. To do this, he believes we must invest in the clean energy sources of the future, protecting and creating union jobs in places like western Pennsylvania that have been keeping the lights on in this country for over a century. And to get to the future where the world is free of greenhouse gas emissions, we have to be honest about natural gas’ role to help us get there. It is a significant source of union jobs in western Pennsylvania and a key domestic source of energy, helping us reduce dependence on imports.

Deluzio knows that the assault weapons he carried in Iraq were designed to swiftly and efficiently kill people in battle. He has said, “They don’t belong on our streets. They certainly don’t belong in our schools. Whether it’s those kinds of weapons, the high-capacity magazines … If you’re hunting with these things, you’re not doing it right.”   He is endorsed as a “gun sense candidate” by Moms Demand Action.



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