Marcy Kaptur

Marcy Kaptur

Kaptur’s life and service mirror the bootstrap, hardworking nature of her district.

As a result of Republican-controlled redistricting, OH-09 became more challenging.  The district is R+3 and is rated a tossup.

Throughout her career, Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur has proven time and again to be a stalwart fighter for families, workers, and businesses in Northwest Ohio. A passionate advocate for the Great Lakes region, Rep. Kaptur has dedicated her career in public service to fighting for all Ohioans to have a fair playing field as they seek economic and health security.

Her opponent, ​​JR Majewski, made national headlines after transforming his 19,000-square-foot lawn into a massive Trump re-election banner. When the Air Force veteran from Ohio appeared in a television interview with Fox News, he was wearing a QAnon T-shirt. Several months later, as Congress met to certify President Joe Biden’s election win, Majewski was among the thousands of Trump supporters who attended the “Stop the Steal” rally in Washington DC, later admitting to breaching police barricades and walking up to the base of the Capitol building.


The daughter of a Polish-American, working-class family, Kaptur’s life and service mirror the bootstrap, hardworking nature of her district. Her family ran a small grocery, and her mother also worked at Champion Spark Plug, where she helped organize the workers into an auto trade union. A lifelong resident of Ohio, Kaptur is a member of Little Flower Roman Catholic Church and a graduate of St. Ursula Academy. She earned herB.A. in history from the University of Wisconsin and an M.A. in urban planning from the University of Michigan.

Marcy Kaptur began her public career as an urban policy adviser to President Carter. She and her colleagues crafted numerous bills on housing and urban development, including the Community Reinvestment Act. In 1982, while pursuing a Ph.D. at MIT, she was recruited by local Democratic Party leaders to run against the incumbent Republican, whom she defeated in an upset that attracted national attention.

Today, Kaptur is the longest-serving woman in the House of Representatives and is chair of the House’s Energy and Water Appropriations Committee. She has been able to leverage her experience and seniority on the Appropriations Committee to secure vital federal investments for the Ninth District, focusing on jobs, economic growth, infrastructure, and support for veterans and our military. Working across party lines, she fought for and succeeded in the creation of a National World War II Memorial on the National Mall to honor our Greatest Generation. The idea came from a constituent at a community event, proving that in our democracy the best action comes from the bottom up.


Rep. Kaptur has been named a Common Sense Gun Candidate by Moms Demand Action. She has said, “Huge majorities of Americans understand that we can have common-sense gun safety measures while protecting our Second Amendment. Too many lives have already been lost – we must continue to seek common ground, and act.”

When the Supreme Court issued its ruling reversing Roe, Rep. Kaptur said that they had “thrown out 50 years of established legal precedent and threatened essential freedoms of every single American. This decision will take personal health decisions out of the hands of women, many of whom have been sexually assaulted or whose lives are at risk, and put them in the hands of legislatures who will now criminalize them. We must continue the fight for our essential freedoms.”  She has since voted for the Women’s Health Protection Act codifying Roe.

Rep. Kaptur is a strong advocate of environmental responsibility and progressive policies to revitalize the Great Lakes ecosystem. A collaborative approach is needed to find solutions to the challenges facing the Great Lakes such as nutrient runoff and algal blooms, invasive species, and low water levels.  Whether it’s solar, wind, or biofuels, Rep. Kaptur believes her region can lead us into a 21st-century energy future that fosters American energy independence and brings down emissions to combat climate change.