Tony Vargas

Tony Vargas

Vargas works hard to get things done for Nebraska workers and small businesses!

In 2020, Nebraska’s Second Congressional District was one of only a handful of seats won by a Republican congressional candidate that also went for President Biden – making it a top pick-up opportunity for Democrats in 2022. The suburbs of Omaha are one of the fastest-growing areas in Nebraska, and with a strong candidate like Tony Vargas on the ballot, The district is even and the race is rated a Toss-up.

State Senator Tony Vargas learned the values of community, hard work, and perseverance from his parents who, coming from humble beginnings, sacrificed everything to provide their children with an opportunity for a brighter future. No matter how busy the family was, they had dinner together every night, where his parents encouraged Vargas to “stay grounded, but reach for the stars.”

His opponent, Representative Don Bacon, supports a national ban on abortion and voted against bi-partisan gun safety legislation. 


The first generation of his family to graduate college, Vargas earned his Bachelors of Arts degree at the University of Rochester and a Masters in Education at Pace University. Vargas began his career as a public school teacher, receiving “Most Outstanding Teacher” and “Teacher of the Year” awards, and has worked in the non-profit and education sectors, striving to improve the quality of life and educational opportunities for thousands of children across the United States.

Vargas has served our community since 2013, first as a member of the Omaha Public Schools Board and then as a member of the Nebraska Legislature. As a state senator, Vargas has developed a reputation for civility and working with anyone to get things done for Nebraska workers and small businesses. He has successfully passed legislation to strengthen public schools, improve access to health care, encourage technology and innovation, and improve consumer protections.


Vargas believes the decisions a woman makes for her body and her family are deeply personal and politicians have no place telling her what she can and cannot do. In Congress, he will vote to preserve the ability of Nebraska women to make the reproductive health decisions that are best for them.

Vargas believes that climate change is a serious threat to our children, businesses, and environment, and the need to replace fossil fuels with renewable energy sources is both an environmental and economic necessity. Vargas believes we can fight climate change while helping businesses create new, sustainable energy and manufacturing jobs in Nebraska. The clean energy industry is already growing across Nebraska, with an almost unlimited potential to create good-paying careers in the future.

Vargas supports “common-sense” gun regulation like expanded background checks and restoration of the former federal ban on assault weapons. He has said he’s tired of a minority of gun owners running out the clock on reforms that have bipartisan support among Americans.



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