Tony Vargas

Nebraska, Congress (NE-02)


Tony Vargas, the Democratic state senator representing District 7 in Omaha, has emerged as a rising star and forceful voice for progressive values in Nebraska. He is now running to represent NE-02 in the U.S. House.

The son of working-class Peruvian immigrants and born in Flushing, NY, Vargas earned a. B.A. at the University of Rochester and M.Ed. at Pace University. He AmeriCorps and taught middle school in Brooklyn. He received “Most Outstanding Teacher” and “Teacher of the Year” awards. Later he worked in the non-profit and education sectors.

He served in AmeriCorps because he was fueled by a desire to see more diverse leaders shaping our future. He served on the Omaha Public School Board and was elected to the Nebraska legislature in 2016. Vargas has been a stalwart champion for labor, fighting to raise the minimum wage, safeguard collective bargaining rights, and expand access to affordable healthcare. As chair of the legislature's Education Committee, he prioritized increased funding for K-12 schools and early childhood programs.

On the Issues

Vargas has consistently and courageously stood on the side of equality and civil rights. He spearheaded efforts to ban the discriminatory pseudo-scientific practice of conversion therapy targeting LGBTQ youth. He has collaborated across the aisle on much-needed criminal justice reforms while persistently calling out racial disparities. He received the Defender of the Bill of Rights Award from the ACLU of Nebraska.

What distinguishes Vargas is an authenticity and amiable approach that has earned bipartisan respect. Rather than indulging in partisan theatrics, he takes a pragmatic tack,regularly hosting town halls and maintaining an open dialogue with constituents from all backgrounds. His lively progressive vision is grounded in the reality of working people's lives.

Events and Actions

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