Non-Partisan Dashboard

This dashboard is designed for our 501c3 colleagues to help you get started using T2020 non-partisan action kits and events designed just for you.  The activities in these kits seek to increase voter registration and participation, or to protect voter rights and prevent voter suppression efforts. 

Non-Partisan Action Kits

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Training Guides

Phone Calling Primer

What is activist phone calling? Making phone calls on behalf of a candidate or issue…

Social Media Primer

What is social media activism? “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised,” (Gil Scott Heron) but…

Fundraising Primer

What is fundraising all about? Fundraising is a coordinated effort to raise money in order…

Slack for Beginners

A shared workspace that empowers large groups of people Work together in teams Have written…

Canvassing Primer

What is Canvassing? Canvassing is considered the gold standard for mobilizing voters because face-to-face interactions…

Postcard Writing Primer

What is postcard activism? People write personal messages to voters via postcards and/or letters to…

Phone Calling Primer

[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]Any useful tips? • Run through the script before you begin making calls. Note where…

Get Connected


The third is to use our shared event calendar. The calendar allows you to filter by event type, by state, by location of the groups sponsoring it and by activity. This allows you to see who else is planning virtual actions that you and your group might want to join or coordinate with.  You can also submit an event to the calendar.

News and Events

Sign up to receive notification about our new kits  and calls. These calls allow you to connect with other activists working on the same campaigns, share best practices, hear from the Coordinated Campaign in states and coordinate activities.


Join the Together for 2020 Slack workspace .  Here you can connect with other activists and all the T2020 tech resources. Here’s a primer on how to use Slack if you need it.

Non-Partisan Events