Texting Primer – Organizing a Texting Party


Organizing a texting party

  • After you have engaged one of the groups above and practiced texting by using their system, organize a texting party! A texting party, sometimes called a “text bank”, is an event where a group of volunteers come together in person to do remote texting together. Can you host a weekly texting party? How many people can you recruit to participate with you?  In these days of social distancing, thees texting parties can be done virtually as well, using Zoom or Google Hangouts.
  • The Texting Providers often use Slack to communicate and coordinate with volunteers. They also usually have a specific person on hand in Slack to offer support. Contact the person offering assistance and ask them about when you can organize a texting party.
  • Determine a date/time/location for your texting party that works for you and the group you’re working with.
  • Visit the “Create an Event” page on this site to organize your texting party. Send individual emails, text messages, and facebook messages to the people who RSVP’d (and anyone else you are still trying to recruit) to confirm that they will join you.
  • Follow the instructions provided to you by the group above that you’re working with, and make sure that your participants are all clear on how it works.
  • Have fun!

PLEASE NOTE: Whenever you want to text, always sign up in advance. It may take a few days for you to be approved and trained. Also, groups sometimes run out of phone numbers to text, so be sure to start early to ensure there are texts available for you to send.