Texting Primer – Terminology

Some Terminology:

Texting Provider/Sponsor

An organization that manages texting for several campaigns.  These providers offer a continuous stream of texting opportunities and once you are set up with one, you will have new workflows on a regular basis. The candidates cycle in and out of their workflows.  If you sign up with one or more of these texting sponsors, you will be notified when a new campaign is starting and you can choose to participate in each one.

We have compiled Action Kits which will take you through the steps of registering on each provider’s platform.  Once you are set up, use their notification system to learn about new campaigns.


The tech tool used for texting.  There are several of these: Spoke, Hustle and Relay are three of these which are used by the above providers.  They work similarly with some variations.  However, you will need a separate account for each platform.  At the time of this writing, MoveOn uses Spoke, EVP and Indivisi-Text both use Hustle.


The communication platform used by many providers  to provide training and communicate about the Calendar, tips etc. Slack is bit like texting or What’s App.  It’s pretty easy to get the hang of.  For a primer on Slack CLICK HERE.  In order to text you will often need to join the chosen Provider’s Slack workspace.