Take Action

Thank you for taking action!  This election is just too important for us to wait. Together for 2020 has assembled the tools to get you started:

  1. Check out the “action pages” below which have events and “Action Kits” with step by step instructions that let you get started now.
  2. Sign up for our weekly “Wave of the Week” mailing – highlighting the most urgent and exciting actions to take.
  3. Check out our calendar for events you can attend
Not sure where to start? Sign up for an action coach! Our coaches are ready to help you figure out how to have the greatest impact.
Together we will restore our democracy

Take Action Now

Pick a state, pick an action. It’s up to you. Each of our “Take Action” pages provides you with opportunities to ACT — individually, guided by our “Action Recipes” or with others through a Together for 2020 related event. Browse the Action Calendar to find an event that appeals. You can RSVP and get all the details to join (all events are virtual now). There you will find many others motivated just like you who are happy to help you get started.



Receive a copy of our “Wave of the week” — our top pick for the week’s most effective actions. We will also notify you of big events coming up. (We will not bombard you with email.)

Want to join the conversation with fellow activists?  View our calendar and sign up for an event.  Filter by location, event type or group. All are open to everyone.