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Each week, Together for 2020 offers you an action, an event and a candidate to explore —
Three ways to get involved in shaping the upcoming elections. Become part of the Blue Wave!


State of the Election Special Briefing

Confused by the noise in social media? Want to hear experienced campaigners reveal the current state of the election and nation? Sign up for this one-time-only briefing by the presidential campaign veterans and experts in field and voter protection programs listed below.

Meg Ansara: co-founder and strategist for Organizing Corps 2020; battleground states director for Hillary for America in 2016; national regional director for the 2012 Obama for America campaign.

Marlon Marshall: founding partner at 270 Strategies, a cutting-edge consulting firm founded by Obama’s field leadership team; special assistant to the President and principal deputy director in the Obama White House Office of Public Engagement; director of states and political engagement for the 2016 Hillary for America campaign.

Hannah Fried: national campaign director of All Voting is Local; national director for voter protection on Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign; voter protection director for President Obama’s reelection effort in Florida.

Luis Avila: current adviser to 270 Strategies; Nevada’s Democratic Coordinated Campaign 2016 field director; state lead for Arizona Ready, the community-based campaign of Organizing Together 2020.

Monday, Oct. 26
7:30-8:30 p.m. EDT


Relational Organizing: Your Message & Network

Relational organizing is reaching out to friends, to people you know, using your phone, your tablet, or your computer. And it works.

Campaign analysts credit relational organizing as a key component in the victory of Barack Obama. It is a method that has mobilized voters across the swing states this year, and you can be part of the effort.

Together for 2020 has the resources to help you get started and make your efforts work.

October 21 – November 3
9 a.m. – 9 p.m. ET


Reaching Out to Voters

Now let’s give it all we’ve got.

Make phone calls.

Send texts.

If you are itching to get more involved but aren’t sure how or just need a good pep talk, connect with one of our Action Gurus.

Together for 2020 has live daily sessions with volunteers who know their stuff and are eager to impart their knowledge to you. The help is available 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily, Oct. 21 to Election Day. Drop In on Action Gurus.

And save the date for our Zoom Halloween party, “Text-o-Ween,” 3 to 6 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 31.

Come in  costume if you like. Enjoy the haunting playlist, compiled by our own marketing and communications team, inspiring us to end this horror show! Join the texting party today!