Wave of the Week-Archived-7-13

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T2020 MetroWest Virtual Summit

On Nov. 3, a handful of states will determine our future. You might ask, “I’m in a blue state. What difference can I make?” That question will be answered at the Together for 2020 MetroWest Volunteer Summit, Monday, July 13 at 7 p.m. 

Get the Washington perspective on the election from our own Senator Ed Markey. Hear from organizers in key battleground states who will show us what we can do here in Massachusetts to turn the tide there. 

Learn more about Together for 2020 from leader Michael Ansara. Your team can get easy access to effective, convenient methods of reaching out to voters in swing states, access to training resources, too.

The MetroWest Virtual Summit is sponsored by Together for 2020. Mike Hugo Framingham Democratic Town Committee chair, is host.

July 13, 7 pm


Battle for 20 Electoral Votes in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is nicknamed the Keystone State. But in this election cycle, Pennsylvania is also a key swing state. You can help swing the state blue and ensure that the state’s 20 electoral votes go to a new occupant in the Oval Office.

Pennsylvania is a winner-take-all state in terms of electoral votes, meaning the Presidential candidate who earns most popular votes gets all 20 electoral votes.

Another point of urgency to expanding vote by mail in Pennsylvania is that a new law created an early voting period starting Sept. 15.

Promoting vote by mail (VBM) is a proven technique for helping elect Democrats, both presidential and down-ticket. Turnout by new voters who enrolled in VBM was 53.8% higher than new voters who voted in person, as shown in a 2018 study in Florida. Turnout by infrequent voters enrolled in VBM was 83.6% greater, according to the same study.

Please support the effort to get blue voters to the polls. Together for 2020 has a Turn PA Blue Postcard kit that will show you how.


John Hickenlooper for Senate in Colorado

Democrat John Hickenlooper is in a high-profile race against Trump devotee Senator Cory Gardner. Gardner has voted lockstep on the Affordable Care Act repeal, GOP tax bill, and confirmation of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. As Colorado turns blue, Gardner is one of the most vulnerable senators seeking re-election.

And Colorado is vital to flipping the Senate. 

A two-term Colorado governor and popular Denver mayor, Hickenlooper just won the Democratic state primary. He is a business-friendly Democrat who appeals to moderate voters likely to abandon the Republican party line.  

The electorate in Colorado has shifted, but the contest will not be easily won. Gardner has a big war chest, and the National Republican Senatorial Committee has already reserved $6.4 million on TV ads against Hickenlooper.

Learn more about his candidacy here.