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Each week, Together for 2020 offers you an action, an event and a candidate to explore —
Three ways to get involved in shaping the upcoming elections. Become part of the Blue Wave!


Real Change: Meditation for Activists

All of us who feel the weight of the world on our shoulders are striving to save democracy. But we need a little saving, too, as we face the final stretch into November.

Sharon Salzberg, renowned meditation teacher and New York Times bestselling author, can help. Through Together for 2020 and Left of Center, we are offering you a chance to be refreshed and renewed with a pro bono program.

Salzberg will share the wisdom of veteran activists to help us transform ourselves and society. Real Change guides us to embody the fundamental principles of mindfulness practice toward greater clarity and confidence so that we can create a better world.

Join us to reactivate your activism.

Saturday, July 25
3:45 – 5:30 p.m. ET


$20.20 for 2020 to Expand Our Reach

You’ve used your free time to text, phone, write postcards and letters. Or maybe you’ve been itching to join the fight to get our country back on course.

But time is short. Here’s a quick and affordable way to amplify your own activism:

Donate $20.20 to Together for 2020. Together for 2020 plans to recruit several thousand volunteers to work in swing state elections and turn our country blue.

To do this, we need to:

  • Ramp up our social media campaigns
  • Host an August 22 text-a-thon party to text 1 million people in battleground states
  • Continue our presence on the web at www.togetherweelec.wpengine.com
    Please consider donating $20.20 today.

Together, we can do this!


Keep Alabama Democrat Doug Jones in the Senate

Alabama voters sent Jeff Sessions packing. Now we need to do the same for former football coach and Republican nominee Tommy Tuberville, who has said, “I do believe that God sent Donald Trump to us.”

That sentiment alone should convince any sane person to help keep Democratic Senator Doug Jones in office. Senator Jones is pro-choice, supports same-sex marriage, favors tighter background checks for gun sales, and opposes the repeal of the Affordable Care Act.

Tell Doug Jones “We have your back.”