Wave of the Week-Archived-8-18

Each week, Together for 2020 offers you an action, an event and a candidate to explore —
Three ways to get involved in shaping the upcoming elections. Become part of the Blue Wave!


Text-a-Thon Party!
1 Million Texts!

You have just one vote on November 3. But by texting for democracy now, you can amplify your power by helping hundreds of Democrats vote this fall. What do you say? Are you in?

The August 22 Together for 2020 Text-a-Thon aims to enlist volunteers like us to reach 1 million voters in swing states, whose Congressional candidates and electoral college votes are crucial to our future. Sign up here to make history with us.

Texting is easy and effective. Training for the Text-a-Thon with Resistance Labs is available at multiple time slots, as well as at 2 p.m. on the day of the Text-a-Thon. It uses a program or app to protect your privacy. Look for the red plane in a blue sky.

The goal is serious, but the Text-a-Thon will put a little zip in your day. Guest celebrities and luminaries, live DJs, and updates on our progress will entertain and keep us energized.

See you at the Text-a-Thon. America will thank you.

Saturday, August 22, 3–6 p.m. EDT


When They Go Low, We Go JOE

Let’s be frank. Who’s the only one who can beat Trump?

It’s time to step up to boost the one candidate whose momentum is building to take back the White House – the honorable Joe Biden with his estimable running mate Kamala Harris. We need to make sure voters recognize that write-ins, third-party candidates, refusing to vote – all of those will only help the horror that is Washington continue to plague our lives.

While we can’t canvass door-to-door, we can join virtual phone banks to voters in swing states to ensure that the current administration is evicted.

By joining a Biden phone bank at a time convenient for you, you’ll also virtually meet people who care about democracy as much as you do.

Please recruit your friends on social media. Act now, and we can all celebrate November 4.


Re-Elect Democrat Lucy McBath to Congress

Our attention has focused on flipping the U.S. Senate, but we also need to hold onto the House.

Incumbent U.S. Congresswoman Lucy McBath was the first Democrat to win a Congressional seat in Georgia’s 6th district, which is 65% white. Republicans are pouring millions into the race, trying to defeat this tireless champion for gun safety and affordable, accessible health care.

McBath’s story is an inspiring testament to her resilience. Her son, Jordan Davis, was shot and killed while sitting in a car at a gas station by a man who complained about the “loud music” on his car radio.

After losing her son, McBath became the national spokesperson and faith and outreach leader for Everytown for Gun Safety and Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America. After a mass shooter killed 17 high-schoolers in Parkland, Florida, McBath ran for Congress and has been serving ever since.

Learn more about McBath here.