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Each week, Together for 2020 offers you an action, an event and a candidate to explore —
Three ways to get involved in shaping the upcoming elections. Become part of the Blue Wave!


Flip Arizona, Florida, and North Carolina!

We know the presidential election may hinge on electoral votes in a few swing states. We understand that electing more Democrats to the Senate will make it possible to save our democracy.

What can we do from out of state? Plenty.

Join a Zoom Volunteer Summit on Sept. 3 to find out. Guest speakers are representatives from the three states, along with Massachusetts Congressman Jim McGovern.

You will learn about specific, effective ways to get involved virtually in league with activists in Central Mass, including a team campaigning virtually in a swing state and a Worcester County/Central MA phone bank for Joe Biden. 

Thursday, Sept. 3, 7 p.m. ET


Ensure a Fair Election
Be a Poll Worker!

The U.S. is facing a massive shortage of poll workers. Most poll workers are 61 or older, and many are concerned about the pandemic. As Benjamin Hovand, commissioner of the U.S. Election Assistance Commission, told Time magazine, “That has real consequences. You can’t open polling places if you don’t have poll workers.” Each poll worker must be hired and trained in advance, so time is growing short.

As a Massachusetts resident, you can apply to be a poll worker in your own community or in any city or town in the Commonwealth. The Secretary of State’s website has a full list of localities that need poll workers. You may be surprised to find a community near on that list.

Or maybe you have friends or family members living in states like Florida, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Texas, or Wisconsin, where the need for poll workers is even more crucial. Call them, send email, post on Facebook – whatever is the best channel to alert them about this threat to voting and ask them to become poll workers. The Power the Polls website has all the information you need to explore this opportunity – and even get paid for this patriotic service.


Al Gross for U.S. Senate
From Alaska

Alaska Senate candidate Dr. Al Gross knows a lot about “lifting all boats.” Dr. Gross is a commercial fisherman, orthopedic surgeon, and lifelong Alaskan. He is running for Senate because he is frustrated with the partisanship in Washington. His focus is healthcare, and adamantly supports legislation to combat climate change. While his district is rated, “likely R,” he is a strong challenger, and donations to his campaign can give him a boost.

Want to have some fun and find out more about Dr. Gross? Watch this video from The Lincoln Project.

On a more serious note, learn about Al Gross here.