Wave of the Week – Archived 9-8

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Zoom with Senator Cory Booker for Biden/Harris

Senator Cory Booker is going all out for Presidential candidate Joe Biden and Vice-Presidential candidate Kamala Harris. Won’t you?

Force Multiplier is hosting Sen. Booker on a Zoom call Wednesday, Sept. 9 at 6 p.m., and you’re invited to hear directly from him on the state of the race and the state of the nation.

Booker will take questions from the Zoom audience, so consider what you might like to ask him. In January, Booker said, “This is going to be an election won not because you’re a millionaire or billionaire, not because of your bank account. It’s going to be won because of your message and your ability to organize and connect on the grassroots.”

The grassroots: THAT’S US. Please join in – and give a boost to the Biden/Harris ticket.

Funds from this event will benefit the Biden Victory Fund.

Wednesday, Sept. 9, 6-7 p.m. ET


We Need Wisconsin —
Wisconsin Needs Us

The 2020 version of an oft-quoted political phrase: As goes Wisconsin, so goes the nation.

The 10 electoral votes from Wisconsin are likely to make or break the presidential race for both parties. And how the state goes will depend on a few popular votes.

The good news is that a multitude of dedicated volunteer organizers are working in Wisconsin, fighting voter suppression, boosting voter turnout, and campaigning for the Democratic ticket. Their work has been ongoing for the past few years.

The even better news: You can pitch in to help the fine people of Wisconsin in ways that are convenient. And you’ll get all the training and support you need. Phone banking, texting, letter-writing, donating – it’s all there for you to choose from. Right now, Wisconsinites are heartbroken about the recent tragedies in their state. Let’s show them we care.

Check out the Wisconsin for Biden training and send texts with Team Wisconsin.
To see more options, click the blue button below.


Sara Gideon for U.S. Senator from Maine

We want Sara Gideon in the U.S. Senate the next time a Supreme Court Justice is being confirmed. But that’s not the only reason Gideon is the right candidate for this turbulent time.

As Speaker of the Maine House of Representatives, Gideon has a history of standing up to Republican extremism, including former Gov. Paul LePage. She fights for causes that families care about: health care, environmental protection, and economic opportunity. These details, as enumerated by Emily’s List, show why Gideon tops their list of candidates who need our support now.

Gideon is embroiled in a tight race with Sen. Susan Collins. Collins is unpopular, but she has the extensive financial backing of the GOP and managed to snag the endorsement of former President George W. Bush.

That’s why we need to back her. Check out more about her bona fides here.