Wave of the Week – Archived – August 4

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Black Votes Matter:
Stop Voter Suppression

A vote is a powerful thing to waste. And voter suppression in communities of color is not only terribly wrong; it wastes the votes that could rescue our democracy.

The signs of suppression are alarming as we head into the final 100 days. Republicans are hiring 50,000 poll watchers to challenge and intimidate voters under the guise of fighting “voter fraud.”

Horace Small, great warrior for racial justice and leader of Black Ballot Power, will speak of suppression and intimidation at a Concord Indivisible event on Sunday. Small will advise on how best to support voter-registration drives and how we can work towards a fair election.

Please join us. Social time starts at 3:45 p.m., and Small speaks at 4 p.m.

Sunday, August 2, 3:45 pm ET


Texting:  We Can Reach 1 Million Voters Together

Texting for democracy is so effective as a virtual campaign tactic that you can reach hundreds of voters in an hour. And if you join Together for 2020’s Text-a-Thon August 22, we can reach 1 million voters in three fun-filled hours.

To join the party (and it will be a party), you will need to know how to use the Resistance Lab’s texting platform. The training is straightforward and easy. In just 30 minutes, you’ll be able to join us in reaching voters in key swing states.

With a computer program or app to connect you to voters (not your own phone), your privacy is assured.

Together for 2020 is offering free training or new texters. If you’re a veteran texter using other platforms, training with Resistance Lab will mean you’re Text-a-Thon ready. And you will be all set to send texts supporting your favorite progressive candidates as November 3 approaches.

Learn more about Resistance Labs Training.


Harrison Can Flip South Carolina Senate Seat

U.S. Senator and Chief Hypocrite Lindsay Graham leaves a bad taste in the mouths of progressives and moderates alike. That’s just one reason that Jaime Harrison has the chance to flip South Carolina’s Senate seat to blue.

Another is the charismatic Harrison himself. Although he grew up in poverty, Harrison attended Yale on a scholarship, majoring in political science. He earned his J.D. from Georgetown University Law Center and served as the first African-American chair of the South Carolina Democratic Party.

Harrison’s 2020 campaign memorandum is titled “The Path to Victory in South Carolina.” We can all help Jaime Harrison run a victory lap in South Carolina.
Learn About Jaime Harrison
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