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North Carolina is one of the key swing states that can make or break Joe Biden’s reelection chances.
All in for North Carolina (AINC) is organizing canvassers from the Northeast to travel to North Carolina, and specifically to Mecklenburg County, which is the home of Charlotte and surrounding towns.
Mecklenburg has a high concentration of Democrats relative to the rest of North Carolina, but it has a historically low turnout rate so increasing turnout there makes a huge impact.  Research has shown that canvassing can make the difference in whether the Democrats win or lose North Carolina.  
If you are interested in going to North Carolina or helping to organize volunteer trips (or both), please get in touch with me (; 508-728-1622) or Jean Weinberg (; 617-851-7723).
We are coordinating with local North Carolina groups to ensure that we will have good hosts for our volunteers who can provide orientation, training and a worthwhile experience for everyone who canvasses there.  
There are several options for canvassing listed below:
Host organization Charlotte Indivisible is a vibrant group focused on regaining the North Carolina State House, which will make the difference on issues of reproductive rights, gun control and voter access.  Voters who come out to vote for their local officials will almost always vote “up ballot” for statewide and national offices, so this turnout is crucial to Democrats’ success.  
Charlotte Indivisible will provide training and orientation and will work with us to find lodging for those who need it.  They will also find canvass and other volunteer activities to fill out the weekends/weeks around their canvassing:
Saturday         June 15           10-1
Saturday         June 20           1-4
Wednesday     July 10             5-8
Sunday            July 21             1-4
Sunday            August 25        1-4
Wednesday     Sept 4              5-8       
Sunday            Sept 15            1-4
Saturday, September 7        
Big rally with the Democratic candidates for Attorney General (Jeff Jackson) and Governor (Jeff Stein) followed by a canvass they hope will have at least 200 people joining.
After September 15  
Canvassing will be in conjunction with the Mecklenburg Democrats and the State and National Campaigns.  At that point, canvassing will be throughout the week and weekends until the election.  Early voting begins on October 17 and runs through Saturday, November 2.  The general election is Tuesday, November 5.

Campaign State: North Carolina
Action Type: Canvassing

Sponsor: All In For NC
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