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Volunteering is easy and fun! Most activities are contacting like-minded people in key states who don’t follow politics. They may not know about upcoming elections, how to register, or how to vote. Some you can do on your own (We’ll show you how.) Others are done in person (e.g. canvassing). Some you join an event over Zoom where you learn how and do either on your own or with others on Zoom. Whatever activity you choose, our organizers are here to help every step of the way.


Live in or near a key state? Talk to friendly neighbors at their doors. It's easier and more rewarding than you think!


From your own phone, use a special texting app that hides your number to text potential targets and provides suggested responses.


Phone friendly voters in key states. You can do it using your own phone using an auto-dialer app that makes calls easy and efficient, and hides your personal number.

Voter Registration

You can help register voters in key areas in person (through door-to-door or tabling), or remotely via texting or mail.

Social Media

Use your social media skills (e.g., Instagram, Facebook or even, yes, X) to encourage others to vote or get involved. We show you how.


Send notes to occasional voters encouraging them to vote or informing them of how to do mail-in voting. A hand-written note gets someone’s attention better than any printed mailer.

Not Sure?

Meet with a Coach

We’re here to help you get started. Set up a Zoom appointment with one of our action coaches. They will walk you through the options and help you with training.

Pick a State

If you prefer to work in a specific state you can see all the actions we have in each one

Pick a State


There is a critical Senate race and two tossup Congressional races (AZ01 and AZ06) in Arizona. It's also a swing Presidential state.


While Solid D in the Senate and Presidential races there are six! competitive House races, five of which are flip opportunities.


Michigan is a key swing state with three competitive House seats, a Senate seat and razor thin margins for the Presidency.


Nevada's has a competitive Senate seat (Jackie Rosen), its third district is competitive and it is a swing state for the Presidency.

New York

While Solid D for the Presidency, the House can flip through New York. There are four toss-up seats held by Republicans (NY04, NY17, NY19 and NY22) and two Democratic seats that need defending (NY03 and NY18).

North Carolina

There are four Democratically held House seats that must be defended (NC01, NC06, NC13, NC14) and North Carolina is a key Presidential swing state.


Ohio has an important Senate race (Sherrod Brown), two competitive House seats (OH-13 and OH-01) and is a swing state for the Presidential race.


Pennsylvania has a very competitive Senate race and multiple House seats (PA07 and PA08) and is one of the swingy-ist of the swing states in determining the presidency.


Wisconsin has a must win Senate seat (Tammy Baldwin), a competitive House seat (WI-03) and is a crucial swing state in the Presidential election.