Reaching the Top Together

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The elections in every region of the country – close, tossup races everywhere – will set the stage for 2024. And 2024 could bring with it far more than the future of reproductive freedom, the possibility of halting climate degradation, the enactment of sensible gun laws that protect all of us. The next Presidential election will either strengthen or weaken the very foundations of our democracy.

If the GOP has its way, Democrats will find themselves with huge obstacles in at least one of the two chambers of Congress.

What to do? Where to do it? How can we find ways to make sure that the GOP fails to stage the electoral coup that fills its dreams?

A great start would be to sign up for Together We Elect’s Reaching the Top Volunteer Summit. You’ll hear from great speakers — John Fetterman, Mandela Barnes, Jamie Raskin among them. And you’ll be connected to ways that you can help to elect Democrats in key, winable races.

Find out more at this article in the Daily Kos.


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