Angie Craig for MN 02 House District

Holding MN 2 House seat held by Annie Craig

Angie Craig has handily beaten Republican opponents in two elections, but that hasn’t stopped the GOP for considering her Minnesota 2nd Congressional District a target in 2022. Craig flipped the seat in 2018, earning 53 percent of the votes to her incumbent Republican opponent’s 47 percent. In 2020, Craig won 48.2 percent of the vote to win overTyler Kistner (45.9 percent). Kistner, who says he supports Donald Trump “99-percent of the time,” has already filed for a rematch. After graduating from the University of Memphis, Craig worked as a journalist. Most recently she worked for a Fortune 500 healthcare company, St. Jude Medical, based in St. Paul. Craig's work has involved health policy, media and government relations, and corporate communications. She has led St. Jude's Global Human Resources group since 2011, helping create jobs and building a program designed to bring more women into management roles.