Take Action Georgia

Senate (Warnock)

Returning the Rev. Raphael Warnock to the U.S. Senate is essential. With a true majority, the Democrats won't have to struggle to get bills reported out of committee, judicial appointments will be less problematic, and Dems won't have to rely so much on Repubs to get legislation enacted. Sen. Warnock is defending the seat he won by 2 points in the January 2021 special election, an election that drew the attention of the entire country.

Warnock’s opponent provides daily fodder for Twitter posts with his ridiculous lies and bizarre sentences that reach into space with their fantasy. But Republican PACS are doubling down, pumping even more big money into the Georgia Senate race.

Georgia has a clear choice in the special election on Dec. 6. Sen. Warnock believes reproductive rights are an intrinsic part of women’s rights to make their own healthcare decisions, accepts the science and supports investing in infrastructure to combat the climate crisis, and supports legislation to curb gun violence.

On the other hand, Walker is pushing for a national ban on abortion. Regarding legislation to solve the climate crisis, Walker says the money is being spent on trees. “Don’t we have enough trees around here?” When asked about solutions to gun violence, Walker proposed, “a department that can look at young men that’s looking at women that’s looking at social media.” As Southerners say, “Bless his heart.” But keep him out of the U.S. Senate.

ResultStateIncumbentPVICook RatingSabato RatingDem CandidateRep Candidate
WINArizonaMark Kelly (D)R+2TossupTossupMark KellyBlake Masters
WINGeorgiaRaphael Warnock (D)R+3TossupTossupRaphael WarnockHerschel Walker
WINNevadaCatherine Cortez Masto (D)EVENTossupTossupCatherine Cortez MastoAdam Laxalt
WINNew HampshireMaggie Hassan (D)EVENLean DLean DMaggie HassanDon Bolduc
WINPennsylvaniaOpen (R)R+2Lean DTossupJohn FettermanMehmet Oz
LOSSWisconsinRon Johnson (R)R+2TossupLean RMandela BarnesRon Johnson
LOSSNorth CarolinaOpen (R)EVENLean RLean RCheri BeasleyTheodore P Budd
LOSSOhioOpen (R)R+6Lean RLean RTimothy RyanJ D Vance
LOSSFloridaMarco Rubio (R)R+3Lean RLikely RVal DemingsMarco Rubio