Sue Altman

New Jersey, Congress (NJ-07)


Sue Altman, a progressive activist and community organizer, is running in New Jersey's 7th Congressional district. Altman grew up in Union County, NJ, and has spent the last decade fighting for social and economic justice in the Garden State.

Altman played college basketball at Columbia University and professional basketball abroad. She also earned two graduate degrees from Oxford University -- in international policy and business.

Altman returned home and became a teacher and basketball coach, leading two teams to state championships. She later became executive director of New Jersey Working Families Alliance, a non-profit organization focused primarily on combating political corruption in Trenton. In that capacity, Altman led successful campaigns to raise the minimum wage, guarantee paid sick leave, and make college more affordable. Her grassroots approach and ability to build diverse coalitions have earned her a loyal following among progressives.

On the Issues

Altman is running for Congress on a platform of bold, transformative policies aimed at lifting working families and taking on corporate power. At the top of her agenda is Medicare for All, which would provide comprehensive health coverage to every American while reining in drug prices and insurance premiums.

In Congress, she also will use her experiences with grassroots groups to protect access to contraception, reproductive choice, and women’s health.

Altman is a champion for the environment and sees the push for green energy as an opportunity to create millions of good-paying union jobs while tackling the existential threat of climate change. She's pledged to fight for a $15 federal minimum wage, universal childcare, common-sense gun reforms, and debt-free college - investments in human capital that will pay dividends for generations.

Altman is running in a competitive district that leans Republican. She is facing a one-term Republican who beat a Democratic incumbent. The district is becoming more diverse and is among the most affluent in the U.S.

Events and Actions